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Romantic Stories
My husband and I are avid fishermen; sometimes I think it's the only reason he married me! On weekends we load up our fishing equipment, a picnic basket full of goodies, and head for our favorite ""fishin' hole"". Now, this isn't a secluded spot, mind you. We most often fish from the dock at a nearby bait & tackle shop. They say we're good advertising because we always catch fish. We're often surrounded by bait shop patrons asking us how we're doing and what bait we're using. As luck would have it on this particular day, I was catching fish right and left and my husband was having nothing but trouble with lost bait, snags, and fish that just ""almost"" got caught. He seemed sort of off kilter, but I told him to try to relax and enjoy the day. Finally, after fiddling with a snag for some time and then throwing down his pole in disgust, he grumbled something about getting a soda out of the cooler and stalked off. This was so unlike his usual even temperament that I decided to go after him, but first I stopped to pick up his pole so no one would trip over it. Imagine my surprise as I lifted the pole and got clunked on the head by a diamond ring tied neatly in place of the sinker. I had to look twice, and then started laughing when I realized that all of my husband's aggravation had been meant to lead me to exactly this point. I turned and looked to see him standing in the doorway of the bait shop, employees, owner, and a few patrons all peeking around him with big grins on their faces. ""Hey honey! Have I told you lately that I sure like fishin' with you?"" No special occasion, just a very fitting way to tell me how much he loves me.

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